Need help on macbook purchase


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Sep 19, 2011
Hey everyone

Im confused on purchasing a macbook, like the title says. Anyways im considering a 2012 15' macbook pro, or a 13' 2013 macbook air for basiclly surfing the internet, microsoft office, and email usage. Along with all that, i would like to learn photo editing and possible video editing in the future. I dont like how i cant change the hard drive with the macbook air, or the ram, but the fact that its the newest processor and increase on battery life is a bonus. I was hoping a new macbook pro was going to be announced, but never did.

Thanks for the help


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May 19, 2013
From my point of view and what I've read here is the air the one you need for surfing, office and mail.

I'm not completely sure on the photo and video editing part.


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May 12, 2007
Brooklyn, NY
You're considering the regular MBP or the retina MBP vs. the new Air? I'm assuming the regular MBP since you mention upgrading the RAM. A refurbished rMBP might be a good fit for you although you still have to deal with non-upgradable ram and proprietary ssd. You can definitely start learning photo/video editing on the new Air it won't be as good as a loaded Mac Pro with a 30 inch display but good enough for learning.

Try to prioritize your needs vs the options vs the budget.