Need Help on MBP purchase decision


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Jun 16, 2013
Hi all I am new here but first off would like to thank you all for the useful info on here. I will be purchasing my first MBP ever as I am going into my freshmen year at college. I am looking at the 15" RMBP, but I will be buying from Macmall since it is cheaper and they have the accidental damage warranty. I can't decide between the 2.7GHZ 768GB for $2,620, the 2.7GHZ 512GB for $2,570, the 2.8GHZ 512GB for $2,940, or the 2.8GHZ 768GB for $3,330. I am looking for the best buy here as making 8 bucks an hour has taken me forever but I definitely need this for school. If you could voice your input on what you think is the best buy for the money and if the money for the step up to a 2.8GHZ processor is worth the money. I was also looking at a Seagate 1-3TB external HDD for little over 100 bucks so keep that in mind. Thank you!


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Jun 8, 2007
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Okay cool thank you, I think I may go with that then to save a few bucks
There's nothing wrong with 2.3 GHz either. The absolute best value is the refurbished 2.3 GHz/256GB model for $1599.

I realize you want more storage, so that model may not be acceptable to you. However, I have found that I really need more than 512 or 768 GB to store my media (music, movies, photos). A small 2TB external media drive together with the 256GB internal SSD works great for me. Here's the external drive I purchased: