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Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by knb, Jun 8, 2013.

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    Jun 2, 2013
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    This post would be composed of three sections of high level description of what I'd like PackageMaker to do, installation script content (main processes) and the last section of questions, comments etc.

    high level description
    I've written a simple program that runs over a web browser (pm me if you'd like to find out what it is about), and I bundle it with a jetty web server.

    installation script content (I have a shell script that has exact syntax):
    1. Copy {theProgram} to /Library ( permission is recursively changed to
    root:wheel )
    2. Copy the plist file to /Library/LaunchDaemons
    (so that the appServer would start upon boot)
    3. Startup {theAppServer}. Wait 30 seconds
    4. Launch Firefox or Safari{port}/knb/config
    (configure the program)

    Expected behavior, after reboot,
    {theAppServer} starts, so, the program may be launched at URL,{port}/knb/
    with Safari or Firefox browser

    Questions and comments
    It is not difficult to create such an installer with PackageMaker, isn't?
    Would a competent Mac programmer be able to create such an installer with about 3 hours of solid work?

    Too bad, I don't have a Mac handy.

    Thank you.

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