Need help on writing little app that draws red filled circles on papers.

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by CmdrLaForge, Jan 30, 2009.

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    for my little son I need to create 100 printed out pages with 1 to 100 red filled circles. I know that this is totally easy to write as an app if you know how. Unfortunately I don't know how.

    What I could do is just draw those in Pixelmator and print from there. But 100 seems a lot for me to do by hand and I don't like to do it the dumb way. I like smarter ways of working :)

    I guess it would look something like this

    For Y=1 to 100
    For X=1 to Y
    create new page
    draw circle(red, random, random)
    Next x,y

    What would you suggest would be a good tool (XCode ?) and can I print on papers there ? Or Automator ?

    Thanks for your support.

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