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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Michael241189, Jun 22, 2013.

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    Okay this might sound really long winded and that's entirely because I'm fairly new to Mac, not that I'm a Windows wizard either lol.

    Basically I Have a Macbook Pro 13" 2010, iPad 4 32Gb, Apple TV 3, iPhone 4S.
    (I have recently upgraded my MBP to a SSD so have installed the old standard Hdd in a 2.5 caddy, to make an external hdd.)

    Ok I like many have been waiting months for a Jailbreak for the ATV 3, which it seems is never coming, but I came across a hack to get Plex on your unjailbroken ATV3 using terminal and the theatres app, for those of you who havent heard of it I will post this link below. Anyways I did this and it worked great, except as soon as I closed terminal it stopped working, Would be a bit of a tedious process if I had to do this every time, did I miss something?

    So Currently I have Plex Media server running on my MBP, then I have to the plex IOS app on my iPad playing and streaming the videos/movies to my ATV 3. Seems to me like thats not the best route, I may be wrong? Also this means my MBP having to be on whenever I want to watch anything, Could I somehow connect the external HDD I have put together to my network and run plex off there?

    Feel like I am asking a million questions, sorry If I sound nuisance but I was also wondering because I've seen videos on youtube of xbmc on the ATV2 if you can and how do you install different channels so you can stream movies from movshare (I think its called, basically free streaming movies.) with plex of course, or could I install xbmc on my mac and do this.

    Many Thanks Michael.
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    you'll probably have better luck in the plex forums.
    specifically the plex connect forum

    one option would be the linux/unix program screen.
    it's installed in OSX by default.
    in the terminal type "screen -S plex" (no quotes, and capitalization matters)
    that will open a virtual terminal, that you can close but it will stay running in the background

    The "-S plex" will name the screen, so it will be easier to reconnect to. (you can change the name for whatever you want.)
    once you've opened the screen and then closed it you can reconnect to it with "screen -r plex"

    the one thing you want to be careful of is that you only launch screen once, and after that you re-connect using the "-r", otherwise you will wind up with a bunch of screens running in the background. probably not a huge issue, just messy.

    if you type "screen -ls" it will list all open screens.
    if you need to get rid of a screen, in the ls screen, there will be a number associated with each screen (for example "44644.plex (Detached)"), in the terminal type "sudo kill 44644" using your number, it will ask for your password.

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