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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by imacfreak, Oct 28, 2007.

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    I have kind of a weird request. I have two old "iphoto library" folders with a bunch of photos and Im sure there are duplicates between the two. The problem is that photos are stored really strangely in the folder, theyre embedded within several subfolders .. making it difficult to search through each folder and compare. So.. what I need is an application or something that can grab all the jpgs out of the two folders and place them in one folder, and also rename any files that are duplicates (just so files with the same name dont get overwritten - they may not be the same image). Does anyone know of anything like this? Perhaps this should go in another forum, but I wasnt sure where.

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    1. That is why you can't access the folders in iPhoto '08 specifically because people kept messing with them. That is the specific folder your computer uses to talk with the program.

    2. IF your iPhoto will still open, select all your photos (command+A), go to File & export the entire library to a seperate folder, then that folder will contain all the jpegs.

    3. If you can't export the photos like that, you might have to rebuild your library manually. There might be programs that help you do that, but I'm not familiar with them.

    4. If you hold down the Option key when opening iPhoto, you can create another library (or choose which library to open).

    5. Sorry if none of the above works. I never use iPhoto. I prefer Bridge, or even Aperture over iPhoto.

    6. I almost always shoot RAW. if you check the metadata (contrary to what Apple would have you believe), editing in iPhoto lowers the quality of your image

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