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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by garyjatt13, Feb 11, 2010.

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    Feb 11, 2010
    Hi, im new to mac so I don’t really know much any help will be great. I bought a macbook pro 15 (mid 2009) from some one. I wanted a clean start. So what I did was boot from the the install cd and it had two distention’s bootcamp and the other was untitled, so I zero formatted the hard drive. Selected the hard drive with the long name and numbers and hit erase took about 2 hours. Then I rebooted and when I go to chose the distention disk for installing mac os x there is nothing there, none of the two I saw before. Did I do something wrong and how do I install the operating system. Any help would be great and thank you in advance, gary.
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    When you boot with the Installer DVD, after you select the language, launch Disk Utility from the menu bar. When it launches, choose the hard drive (and not any partition that is below and indented). When you select that, the Partition tab becomes available. Choose it, then 1 partition (or more, if you like) from the pull-down menu and set to OS X Extended with Journaling enabled. Click on the Options button and make sure you're set for GUID if you have an Intel Mac or Apple Partition Map if you have a PowerPC Mac. Then initialize the drive. When it's done, quit Disk Utility and you'll be returned to the Installer and your hard drive should be available for the installation.

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