need help setting up a domain name with mobileme & godaddy

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  1. lumpofclay macrumors newbie

    Sep 13, 2009
    I am trying to follow all the steps online for setting up a domain name using MobileMe & Go Daddy, but something is wrong.

    I bought the domain. Then I made a new site in iWeb with just one page. I changed the CNAME setting to, and I completed the "add a domain name" process at I even set forwarding at Go Daddy. ( to

    I think my biggest issue is that I have two Mobile Me accounts that I use on my computer, and I have three websites in iWeb right now. I actually haven't decided what I will do with two of the websites in iWeb. I was publishing one (through the various steps) to a domain with it's own hosting, and the other to Mobile Me. That was working just fine.

    I want to publish this third site to MobileMe, with this new domain name, using my other Mobile Me account.

    However, when I type in my new domain name (which is it takes me to this address: but it's just an error message from Apple.
    ("The_Wigleys" is the name of the first site listed in iWeb.)

    Where have I gone wrong and what do I do now?

  2. lumpofclay thread starter macrumors newbie

    Sep 13, 2009
    little update

    OK, I tried typing in a few things, trying to look at where the page is published.

    If I type in:

    I do get my page. So I think I've done something wrong with the forwarding option at Go Daddy. Shouldn't I be able to see the site at once I've done everything correctly?


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