Need help setting up new iPad. iTunes screwed up.

Discussion in 'iPad' started by wlow3, Aug 9, 2017.

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    I bought a new iPad Pro 10.5, and I wanted to restore it from the iTunes backup of my previous iPad, an iPad Air 2.

    During the restore, it stopped and said it couldn't continue because the Air 2 backup was corrupted. I disconnected and erased the iPad Air 2 backup from iTunes and re-backedup my Air 2 to iTunes to start with a fresh backup.

    When I disconnected the Air 2 and reconnected the Pro, iTunes stared syncing with it and naming it the same name as my Air 2. It did not proceed from the setup wizard screen to Restore from a previous backup; it just started syncing.

    I let it continue thinking that, heck, maybe it knows what it's doing, and now I'm left with a Pro that according to iTunes has all of my Air 2 data on it but won't go pass the Connect to iTunes screen.

    Every time I connect the Pro, iTunes "recognizes" it and never gives me the the setup wizard. Meanwhile, the Pro always gives me the Hello screen.

    I tried a hard reset on the iPad, quitting iTunes -- nothing so far.

    I think somehow I have to get iTunes to forget this iPad Pro and get the iPad Pro to start again from factory settings but I'm not sure how to proceed. Any advice?
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    Should I just continue to set up the Pro as a new device, then manually restore from the Air backup in iTunes. I see that is an option available.
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    ANSWER: Ok, part of the problem, I'm guessing, was that the new iPad Pro was still at 10.3.2, so I think that is why my backup source of a 10.3.3 iPad Air 2 was failing as a restore source (and, evidently, Apple stop signing 10.3.2 today). So I continued on setting up the iPad Pro as a new device and then I updated it to 10.3.3. Then I nuked it with the Erase All button. When I plugged it back into iTunes, this time everything worked like it's suppose to. I got the Setup screen and I was able to use my old backup without issue.
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    That's what I did with my iPad, no use trying to restore a backup from my old (very old) iPad. I wanted to start off fresh and then install the apps I need now.

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