Need help setting up remote "server" with music capabilities

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    Apr 12, 2009
    Alight, bear with me here, because this is long.

    I have a time capsule (1tb) which I gave a foreign IP address, and password, therefore turning it into a "file server" of sorts.
    I have a copy of my itunes library on the drive.
    my goal is for anyone to be able to open a copy of itunes which is on the drive and have it access the library on the drive.

    My problem

    whenever the copy of itunes on the drives is opened, the mac that is using it does not recognize that this copy of itunes wants to access a different library than the copy of itunes stored on their HD. I figure a way around it is to find a program as similar to itunes as possible. that way, the copy of itunes on the HD of the computer that is accessing the server will not interfere.

    any ideas?
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