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    Oct 13, 2014
    This is a problem that has plagued me since I started at my current company.

    I am one of three designers at the company, and the last to start. Not long before I arrived their work email accounts were set up on Mail on Macs running Mountain Lion. As I started we all upgraded to the newly-released Mavericks, with both their two email accounts porting (for lack of a better word) across with no problems. I was left to try set up my email account on Mavericks, which seems to function differently in the Preferences pane compared with ML (their accounts are set up as Exchange IMAP - but I do not have that option). Instead I've had to make do with God-awful Entourage, which is shocking beyond belief, and I've continued to do so as we've all moved onto Yosemite.

    This needs to change, I need help!

    Here are my co-workers settings:


    Archetype, under Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) is:


    Advanced settings:


    I've run through the set up on mine to show you what I get:


    My account is listed as IMAP, not Exchange IMAP. I'm also missing the Outlook Web Access Server: osbs at the bottom.

    Archetype, under Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):




    This is what I get:


    I am able to send messages, just not receive.

    Was there an option in previous versions of OS X to set up an Exchange IMAP right from the off?

    Can anyone help in any way, please?
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    Jan 30, 2015

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