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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by Whiplash, Nov 20, 2010.

  1. Whiplash, Nov 20, 2010
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    Whiplash macrumors newbie

    Nov 16, 2010
    Just fired up a new Mac Pro a few minutes ago. Hooked to a Sony LED TV's #1 HDMI via mini Display Port to HDMI adapter. Mac has booted, as I heard the Startup assistant say "English". No picture to the TV, which has just now turned off from no signal for ten minutes.

    Does this box output through DVI by default? How do I switch to mini Display? Thanks!!

    Edit: I had added a 2TB Black, which I had swapped into the #1 drive bay, with the original HD in the #2 spot, performed before first fire. Evidently, that is a no-no. Location swap back gives me video. Hmm. looks slightly better than this eMac. [cough]

    Now let's see if I can boot Tiger... stay tuned for the explosives!
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    Apr 9, 2010
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    Congrats on your new Mac Pro, but I doubt you can run a Tiger on a 2010 Mac Pro.
  3. Whiplash thread starter macrumors newbie

    Nov 16, 2010

    It's a new 2009, but you are right; it's a no go. I was hoping to put Tiger on its own partition to ease the transition to SL as I did with System 9 --> OSX years ago. I did Google up some article that says it can be done with a particular Apple gray disc specific to that Tiger/Intel combo, but I'm not going that far. I'll keep this eMac online until I get the Pro optimized enough to take over.

    This box came with 10.6.2, but with an iLife '11 disc. Factory 640g HDD shows May '10 date. The plan is to partition the OWC SSD to fool around with different OS configurations, and to put the data on the 2T WD black, using the 640 and two WD 750g externals for backup.

    So, today's exercise is to figure out if 10.6.5 is still too fresh to "risk" using yet, or whether I should just go to 10.6.4. Is the Combo Update approach right for that? Also, I'm chopping up the 2T into thirds for video, music, and data partitions. Which area in Disk Utility puts info on the outside of the HDD? That's where I want to put the video. Does that make sense?


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