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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by TSE, Nov 30, 2010.

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    Jun 25, 2007
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    Alright so right now I am taking an introduction to Political Science class at a local college. The teacher is extremely difficult and the class average right now is 61%. I currently am sitting at an 85%... however, that's not because of what I've recently been doing.

    I started out getting straight A's for the first 3 tests, but after that it's been all C's... I don't get it. I've been studying the same exact way I have been.

    Basically I will read the 40-50 page chapter ahead of time, take the lecture notes, and then 1 or 2 days before the test I will go through the whole chapter again and type notes up of every little fact that I think MIGHT be on the test.

    His tests are all multiple choice and true and false, this sounds easy... but the trick is the wording and concepts are extremely hard.

    For example, there was this one question:

    -When Vladimir Putin entered office in 2000, the main problems he had to face were Corruption and a public disregard for law.

    I SPECIFICALLY remembered that there was another problem, a war in Chechnya. So I marked false, because those weren't the only problems he faced, I figured if it said "some of the main problems" I would mark true.

    But nope, it was true because those were main probems and it doesn't necessarily mean all of the problems had to be written down.

    Things like that... that was just one example I remember.

    His tests will go over the concepts and stuff, but in addition he will throw out random questions, one time his question was:

    -What is the average Nigerian salary?

    Which he didn't ever mention in class, and he gave us 4 options, luckily I remembered it from the book but I don't always remember it.

    So am I doing something wrong?
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    You have an a$$ for a professor who hates A's. You are still well above the class average. (On a curve you would be an A). His test are a matter of "guess what I am thinking" rather than a true test of mastery of material. For the first example, you overthought it. For the second, as you are responsible for lectures and a textbook, all information from eithre source is fair game.

    His class is his fiefdom. Grin and suffer it.
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    Maybe you should talk to the teacher. Multiple choice isn't the best IMO, especially in subjects were things can be differently interpreted, just like you did with the Putin question. Maybe you could ask the teacher to include a bit space for explaining under every question so you could then justify why you chose what you chose. Your answer was 100% right IMO, exams shouldn't include reading or the teacher's mind to get what he/she is meaning.

    I remember writing an essay about the greatness of Nazism when I was in higher secondary. She gave us a statement (in this case it was something like "was Nazism a good thing") and she didn't care if you put yes or no, as long as you were able to back up your opinion with facts. That's how it should be IMO
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    Wow. You got all that from his post, huh? :rolleyes:
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    Feb 19, 2008
    Well either I'm right, or the OP has discovered the social aspects of college and is now taking the tests hung over.
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    I've talked to this teacher multiple times to see if he can give me any pointers on studying and he assured me what I am doing is right... So I don't know. I am not satisfied with a B because this is my last year of high school and I want to get all A's to get into a good college so my GPA will move up to atleast a 3.4ish before high school is over.
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    I think we have come down on your before. You are set way to hard on the "name" of the college and putting way to much pressure on yourself.
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    Bemalte Blumen duften nicht.
    You have no one to blame but yourself for this. Slow down and read the questions thoroughly.

    Again how is it anyones fault but yours that you forgot?

    Thing is that some people are good at tests, some aren't. Some professors are helpful and some aren't. It sucks but if you know you are trying your best (i.e. you honestly are studying, taking notes, reading, etc..) then that's all you can do man. If you are above the class average then that tells you something right there.
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    Cocaine, Speed, Adderall and/or Caffeine will help :)

    Or you can keep doing what you're doing as it seems fine... you just have a dipstick teacher lol.
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    St. Paul, Minnesota
    Unfortunately my parents have been basically telling me to rough it out this last year so I can get into a good school otherwise they won't approve in helping me pay for college if it's not something they think will be successful.
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    There is more to getting into an excellent college than grades. With a great ACT or SAT score you can get into an amazing top 10 to 20 school with average grades (I did it). Also, if your parents refuse to help you pay for college there are ways to finagle the federal loan programs so that you can pay for your own schooling (I did this too).
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    Best prof ever! I am now inspired to revamp for spring making the students work for their grades!
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