Need help Syncing Contacts on Mac to Galaxy S5 and iPhone

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  1. sashez05 macrumors newbie

    Jul 31, 2014
    Hi All!

    So our office needs to sync contacts between employees. All employees are on Macs but we're on different mobile...

    Employee 1: Galaxy s5 (cannot sync contacts through icloud)

    Employee 2: iPhone 5s

    Employee 3: iPhone 4s

    icloud doesn't sync on the galaxy s5 hence the problem. We used to sync our phones to our computers through icloud but now we've purchased sharedgroups and we can't get that to work either. Their support is AWFUL and they've stopped responding to us. PLEASE HELP our little office :(
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    Jul 19, 2013
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    I use a Google account for syncing contacts and it works flawlessly on both iOS and Android devices. Maybe consider that? There are a lot of options here.

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