Need Help- Time Machine wont mount old backup file, wants to create new one.

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    Dec 2, 2011
    Yesterday I received a notification that Time Machine wasn't backing up.

    Somehow the external backup drive became disassociated with TM. I re-selected it and TM began preparing for a backup. A few moments late, a warning popped up, stating there was not enough space on the disk to complete the backup.

    I entered Time Machine to delete some old backups and free up space however, TM had created a new backup file and now it won't mount the original one.

    Surprisingly, the new backup file name was different to the original. After looking in to it further, it turns out this was due to some changes I'd made in my file sharing settings, a couple weeks back, while trying to download some photos from a new Android phone. I've since changed the name back, and while it matches the original, TM still want's to create a new file and still won't mount the original.

    The last time it successfully backed up was Oct 30th and the good news is, I can manually open the original backup file in Finder, and see all the old files.

    I've read through a number of trouble shooting sites with no luck and I've already checked for and installed all updates. I've even tried deleting the new backup file, hoping TM would mount the original, but it just keeps creating new ones.

    I really could use some help with this. Any and all input would be greatly appreciated.



    Oh and incidentally, I've since returned the Android phone and went back to an iPhone. I guess this is what I get for straying. ;)
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