Need help transferring ALL photo libraries from iPhone to iMac.

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    I'm looking for a little guidance and hoping someone might be able to help.

    Backstory-My trusty old macbook (aluminum 2008) crashed the other day. It appears to be the logic board. I had a lot of work pictures on it (over 2k). I made sure to regularly sync my iPhone with the iPhoto library on my macbook. So now I at least have a backup of all those pics.

    Now for the question-Is there a way for me to transfer ALL of the photo libraries off of my iPhone and onto my iMac? When I connect it-I am only allowed access to my camera roll.

    Thank you!
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    However, if those photos were taken with a proper digital camera(rather than with your iPhone), the "backup" you have on your iPhone won't be full resolution.
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    Thanks Bruno & Dave. Some of the the pictures are old scans, some are from an old digital camera and the majority are from iPhones. I'm not worries so much about resolution, just having a copy was all I wanted. I was hoping for a free solution-is that the only way you know of?
  5. MarshaPrin, May 18, 2015
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    How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac

    Actually, you can use Photo Stream to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac:
    1. Enable Photo Stream on your iPhone. Go to Settings → Photos & Camera. Toggle "My Photo Stream" on.
    2. Set up Photo Stream on your Mac. Go to Systems Preferences and click on iCloud. Make sure Photo Stream is checked.
    3. Enable Photo Stream on iPhoto. Go to iPhoto preferences and click Photo Stream. Make sure My Photo Stream is checked.
    4. Add photos to your Photo Stream. Go to a photo under Photos and select it. Tap Share and then select the iCloud icon.

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