Need Help Understanding PKGBackup Restore Options

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    I'll try to be as succinct and clear as possible. When you create a backup, PKGBackup backs up a specific number of files in each category (Packages, Apple stock apps, app store, SHSH blobs, web clips, preference files, springboard files) but when you load a backup it will have only a partial number of files chosen for restore.

    For example: 52 of 94 uninstalled packages
    8 of 9 Apple stock apps
    0 of 1 web clips
    3 of 4 Cydia user resources
    93 of 132 preferences files
    2 of 4 springboard

    So my questions is why does it choose the files to restore that it does?
    I understand I have the option of choosing whatever I want to restore but for something like Administration in the packages section it has 1 of 7 chosen for restore:
    adv-cmds - Chosen for restore
    The following are not:
    Darwin Tools
    PAM (Apple)
    PAM Modules
    Profile Directory

    So why only 1 of these 7 are checked off to restore?

    What happens if I choose to restore all? What happens if I only restore what PKGBackup sets to restore?

    This is very confusing and certainly not user friendly. I've tried tapping on the help button but each time I do, PKGBackup crashes. While I applaud the developer for creating such a complex app, it needs to provide a lot more information to the user regarding backups and even more so for restores. Tip bubbles would go a long way in helping the user make decisions.

    Okay I'm not going to go off on a tangent about the app. I just need help understanding how I should make my choices and why.

    Thanks all in advance:)

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    No one has a single piece of advice for me? I could really use the help.
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    I believe PKGBackUp only restores packages & files that don't already exist. So for your example 42 of the packages must already be present/installed and it will only restore the missing 52 packages from your previous backup.

    Hope that helps somewhat!

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