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Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by Randall81, Jun 29, 2009.

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    Jun 29, 2009
    So i just got my friend's 1st gen, 8gb, iphone (orig. sim card incl). So i then hook up the phone to my imac and opened my itunes acct, the devise read/syned to my computer but no prompting/option to activate the Phone. As of right now, it's set up like a itouch without the phone. How do i activate the phone of a used 1st generation iphone? My goal is to set up a month to month plan (none of that B.S. 2yr contract) w/ the cheaper data plan.

    (fyi - i went to the apple store and was told to go to AT&T or TMobil, he said Tmobil are the better provide out here in AZ. Anyways, i mentioned this was the first gen. iphone but he insisted that i need to go through a phone provider for activation. So i confidently walked into AT&T and all i got was, "can't do that hear, you need to set up a itunes acct and do it yourself but if you buy a new shinny iphone 3g or s, i can do all that for you right now." As you can see i talked to a Apple Store guy and i thought i would get some good tech advice but only got a, go to phone provider answer. Went to the phone provider and only got a sales men. Help!!!!!

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    First decide on a carrier, then do the following:

    AT&T - Go to the store and tell them you need a new SIM card. They will give you one, then you can go back and activate the phone through iTunes. Like the AT&T guy already told you, they can't activate the first gen iPhones in store, but the reason you weren't able to activate it yourself is because you don't have a valid SIM card. SIMs are tied to phone numbers, not phones.

    T-Mobile - If you choose to go with T-Mobile you will need to unlock the phone (see the hacks forum and/or google "iPhone Dev Team"), and then pop your T-Mobile SIM into that.
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