Need help w/ iweb webiste!

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by jam1733, Dec 7, 2008.

  1. jam1733 macrumors newbie

    Dec 6, 2008
    i made a web site using iweb and i now need to put it onto the internet.
    i want your instructions to be as simple as possible.
    I need you to define a web host._______.
    and i need to be able to upload my IWEB project straight onto it.(index.html)
    it would be nice to be free, but if it provides a way to purchase a domain.
    that would be nice.

    sorry if i sound weird i just need to know how to get this done!

    Thanks to all that can help me w/out killing them selves because of lack of patience for my noobish way of putting things.!!!;)
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    Jun 14, 2008
    New Hampshire
    First off, since you already have a thread going regarding transferring your site to the internet from yesterday ( ) there really is no reason to start another thread with the same topic, but no big deal. Did you look at the links that were provided there regarding web hosting and purchasing domain names?

    As far as the definition of a web host a simple Google search for "web host definition" will return plenty of results, such as the first one which you can read at

    You can find a LOT of information regarding transferring your site to the internet (and iWeb in general) by simply looking in the "Help" menu in iWeb, so I would suggest you start there first to gain a basic understanding. Look in particular at the main heading "Publishing and viewing your website" where it will describe how to transfer your site to a web host once you have signed up for one.

    Nobody around here means to be rude in responses. If so we would not spend out time trying to help out (as we are not getting rich at $0.00 per hour! ;)), but the folks who respond to questions do expect that the person asking the questions is willing to put in time too- in reading linked material etc. to get a basic handle on things so that the answers provided make some sense. We could just write up a massive document describing every step with all the various ways things could be done, but we all do better answering specific questions and are more than willing to provide more specific info when that info is not widely available elsewhere already.

    OK, to get you started on registering a domain name with a web host (not the only one to be sure, but just one that has a LOT of info on their site) try this link to a page on [​IMG]GoDaddy. And be sure to read the iWeb "Help" menu entries as I mentioned above to get a good basic understanding of the transfer process- and we wil be glad to answer further questions as they arise regarding the process.

    BTW- a hint after re-reading your post--- more than your index.html file needs to be transferred to your host. ;)
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