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    Hi guys, long time member, alot of help given to many members here at macrumors.

    Before I begin, Yes this is a Assignment task, and yes i am asking for you guys help hence why i am posting. i know alot of people frown upon users posting assignments as such, but i have genuinely searched the net for an answer and can not find. if you can help please do.

    The question is,

    Your network consists of three network segments connected by a router as shown in Figure 1. You install the DHCP Server service on a Windows 2003 Server computer. You create scopes for each subnet’s range of addresses and activate each scope. Users from the second and third subnet report that they cannot connect to the network. Users from the first subnet report no connectivity problems. Investigate the matter and write a report to justify the design and choice of components used in this design.

    Figure 1 consist of a network of 3 computers, each computer is run through the router, however computer 1 has a DHCP server that is connected directly to it. computer 2 & 3 can not connect to the network as they are connected through the router...any idea???

    Thanks in Advance :)
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    I'll give you a hint:

    Think about Broadcasts.

    How do they relate to a router?
    How do they relate to subnets?
    How do they relate to DHCP?

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