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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by kingkezz, Jun 14, 2006.

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    Mar 22, 2006
    So I'm making this documentary on snow culture in Australia and I can't come up with a title for my film - any suggestions?
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    Feb 28, 2006
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    Apr 30, 2004
    Snoz? (a genius mixture of Snow and Oz) :rolleyes:

    More details would help :)
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    Mar 2, 2006
    __________ Down Under

    I'm not to sure about what the movies about but it could be anything from like Winter Down Under to Snow Down Under or it could be just Down Under any of those could work.
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    Mar 29, 2006
    Jacksonville, FL
    How about "Snow Culture in Australia"?

    Hehe. Just kidding. I'm in a mood today.
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    Carl Spackler

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    Outer Space
    Crocodile Dundee 6

    Seriously though, the title will come to you by the time you're done editing.
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    Mar 22, 2006
    Sorry this is a massive post and mostly unnecessary...any suggestions on what I can do/shoot would be appreciated. Cheers.

    It's basically a glorified ski movie masquerading as a documentary lol - well thats what I'm hoping it won't become.

    It's a student film doco examining the emergence of snow culture in australia. It's looking at what it is about the culture that people love and why they participate in the sport. I'll be talking to ceo's of resorts, lifties, skiers/boarders etc.

    In between these interviews will be montages of skiing/boarding etc and a whole heap of time lapse stuff....

    How bout I attach my statement of intention....

    Statement of Intention

    Concept Discussion:

    While the first ski resort in Australia was opened circa 1900, it has only been in the last 10-15 years that Australia has been following the trend of other countries like America and European countries and developing a serious snow culture.

    What is the current snow culture in Australia, and what it is about that culture – the sport itself, the people, the alpine environment – that make people want to be apart of that culture. The documentary will focus on the viewpoint of a younger generation, as well as views from older participants and resort staff/industry staff

    Idea discussion:

    The concept will be realised through a short documentary that examines the current snow culture in Australia and determines what it is about the culture that people love – why they ski/ride.

    The documentary will entail interviews with skiers/riders and other key players within the culture i.e. Resort Management, Equipment Manufacturers, Snow Shops (Retailers) etc as well as montages of people enjoying the sport itself

    I also envisage time-lapse photography of the ‘Village’, lift lines, the lift itself in operations, the car park, and certain bowls/runs. A High speed camera will also be utilised to capture slow motion – this will be used for turns with ‘snow spray’, when riders are in the half-pipe or at the park and for capturing the beauty of the alpine environment i.e. snow falling from trees etc.

    Audience Discussion:

    This documentary will target a younger audience, somewhere in the vicinity of 17 – 30 year old males. The documentary should appeal to both skiers and snowboards. This audience will already grasp the concept of snow culture, have an interest in the sport and participate in it regularly. The audience understand what it is about the snow that people love, and will be able to relate to the stories being told. The documentary should allow the audience to foster feelings of nostalgia about the sport, and make them long to get back on the ‘slopes’. It will reinforce the audience’s desire to participate in the sport. As the documentary will be shot in Australia, the audience should have an Australian skew, but still be appealing to overseas viewers.


    I intend this documentary to be a short documentary with an approx. running time of 10 minutes including titles and credits. It will be shot on MiniDV, in colour, in the 16x9 wide screen ratio. The decision to shoot in wide screen was made for aesthetic reasons. Despite the fact that the documentary will probably only be viewed in 4:3 I find wide screen looks much nicer, and is easier to compose shots in relation to the rule of thirds. Shooting in wide screen will give the documentary a more professional look keeping on par with other ski/snowboard films.


    I intend for the documentary to be sort of an outsider’s look in to the world of snow culture, although I will assume some prior knowledge in order for the audience to relate to the subject matter being put forward. I do not intend to push forward one particular view, rather present an unbiased view.


    I was first introduced to skiing when I was about 12, and ever since then I have had a passion for snow and the culture that ensues. Last year I was lucky enough to travel to Canada and ski in the beautiful area of British Columbia. This recent trip sparked my desire to produce a documentary examining the snow culture in Australia and what it is about the culture and the alpine environment that people love.

    In researching for this documentary I have watched many skiing and snowboarding films to gain an understanding of the sort of conventions used in the genre. I have used these films as a starting point for the types of shots used and interview techniques.

    These films include:
    - Many Warren Millar Films
    - High Life
    - Lame
    - Higher on the Mountain
    - Mind the Addiction
    - And many Teton Gravity Research branded films

    Technical Specifications:


    Each shot will be carefully thought out, I will try to have something interesting in each shot. I will use the conventions already established in ski and snowboard films as a guide and try to develop my own style. I will use tracking shots to follow skiers/boarders down mountains and over ‘kickers’ etc, but will also use static shots for things like time-lapse and slow motion sequences, as well as having a few shots where skiers/boarders ski through frames.

    The majority of interviews will be static, eye level shots, in keeping with the conventions of regular interview styles. The camera possibly will be hand held during impromptu interviews on the slopes, therefore there may be some camera movement if the subject moves around in frame, however shots will be kept as static as possible during interviews.

    I will try to shoot interviews in context with what is being spoken about. If they are skiers/boarders I will try to shoot them on the mountain, with snow covered trees behind or ski lifts etc. If they are ski/board manufacturers, I will try to shoot them in a factory in an interesting way etc. Regardless of location, the focus will be on the subject with background slightly blurred. The interviews will be composed in relation to the rule of thirds.


    The majority of action sequences will have a deep depth of field so as to capture the excitement of the moment by having all of the surrounds in focus. This will also show the beauty of the alpine environment and help reinforce the message being put forward.

    For the interview sequences I envisage a shallow-mid depth of field so the focus is on the subject with emphasis on what they are saying. However the background will not be blurred so it is unrecognisable, as the background is important for context.


    Due to the nature of the shoot and its location, lighting will be difficult. For outdoor shoots on the mountain, I will rely on reflector boards for my lighting. I think it is important for subjects to be lit according to the environment, as it is a documentary I will be shooting in all weather conditions Lighting will be used to eliminate shadows and add depth. For interior interviews and where appropriate on-mountain, a lighting kit will be used to light subjects to conventional standards.


    Good quality sound is essential to the success of this piece. There is nothing worse than watching a documentary with bad sound. Atmospheric sound will be recorded to ensure a consistent sound level throughout the documentary. Either a boom microphone or lapel microphone will be used to capture sound during interviews, with the camera’s onboard microphone capturing atmospheric sound during action sequences.

    The documentary will be set to a non-digetic soundtrack. Sound will be an important factor in conveying the feel of the piece and setting the mood relative to what has just been said in an interview or seen in an action sequence.

    I envisage a sound track that is not ‘heavy’; there will be no rock music. Instead I intend to use music, which is mellow, while still uplifting and upbeat. I’m gearing more towards more electronic music, hip-hop etc.

    Some music I am considering at the moment is:

    The Go! Team – Ladyflash
    Cut Copy – Saturdays
    Starlight Mints – The Bandit
    Grandaddy – AM 180
    13 & God – Perfect Speed
    Zoot Woman – Grey Day


    The editing style will be limited to cuts only, with cross dissolves reserved for the opening montages or scenes requiring feelings of nostalgia. The documentary will have a progressive pace, with the editing reflecting the mood of the piece.
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    Jun 20, 2005
    The History of Powder Cutting Down Under

    i'll admit that i'm not a ski guy (although i like skiing and i live in Canada..duh! :)

    I've heard skiiers say the just 'cut some powder' meaning they just made some ski tracks in fresh new that right?

    maybe that would work?

    the others are you edit, the title will come. can you edit and build your project and leave space/time to edit in title changes near the end.

    Good luck,
  9. ziwi macrumors 65816


    Jan 6, 2004
    Right back where I started...
    Here are some obvious ones:

    The Blizzard of Oz ;)
    There's Snow Down Under
    Can you Ski Upside Down?
    A Dingo Ate My Snowboard
    That's Not Wool You're Skiing On
    In Australia, Do the Ski Lifts Start at the Top of The Hill?

    Or Perhaps...

    The Snow Melts Faster Where There is No Ozone Layer
    The Australian Uptop (then becomes a restaurant serving frozen treats) :)
    Throw Another Ski on the Mountain
    Catching the Wave on the Mountains Down Under
    How Many Darwin Stubbies to the Top of the Mountain?
    Get Nicked Skiing Down Under

    Or something ambiguous like:
    Waltzing Matilda on the Australian Mountain Tops
    G'day, Now Let's Hit the Slopes

    Who knows....
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    Feb 2, 2006

    You missed the obvious

    "are those skis or are you just happy to see me?"
    "You'll never believe this... but!"
    "The Dark Side of the Light Stuff"
    Ausnow (Aussie-snow)

    Or how about...
    Australian Heights ?
    Low Down on the Cool Stuff (In the US 'Low Down' is a phrase that means information and works with the 'down under' theme that keeps coming back.)

    Good Luck
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    Mar 22, 2006
    hmmm, all good suggestions, thanks guys, I think it will come with time...

    I think I wanna move away from the 'down under' thing...perhaps if it was being released in the US....

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