Need help with Airport Express to PS3 via Ethernet!!

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by stumptown, Jan 18, 2011.

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    Jan 18, 2011
    Ok. So, I would like to setup my airport express to share internet with my PS3 via ethernet connection. My PS3 is a older 20gb model and doesn't have wifi. I have a Airport Extreme(n) transmitting my wifi through the house. My Airport Express(G) is not the new N model. I've tried setting up the Express as, " Join a wireless network" with no luck, also tried "Join a WDS network" and that was the closest I got it to work as it actually obtained an IP address. So what I'm asking for is some step by step instructions on how to setup my express AND PS3 20gb network settings to make them talk to each other. PLEASE! I have searched all over the web, I cant find step by step instructions. Thank you, I feel like such a noob right now.

    My equipment: Macbook Intel 2ghz, Airport Extreme (N), Airport Express (G/B), PS3 20GB (No built in WiFi)
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    I'm not sure about the new Express, but I don't think you can do what you're wanting to do with the older Express.

    The Airport Express's Ethernet port is usually a WAN port, not a LAN port; it cannot accept a wired client. The typical uses for that port on the Express: connecting an Internet modem directly and sharing the connection across wireless clients, and connecting to a router and becoming a wired bridge to wireless clients. It cannot add an Ethernet-only client to a wireless network, like a wireless Ethernet bridge can. You'll need something like the Linksys WET54G for that kind of functionality.
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    I've used an Airport Express-N as a wireless bridge to supply ethernet to a switch that was then connected to a PS3, SlingBox, Mac mini, and Apple TV and it worked fine. I'm pretty certain that the older model will also do that but you may need to use it in its WDS mode. You also want to make certain that you try the latest firmware updates from Apple. As far as step-by-step instructions, I'm sure that if you do a little searching with Google or on Apple's Support site you will find the answers (that's what I've done before, there is info all over the web concerning WDS and/or using the Express as a wireless bridge). Just go over to Apple's support discussions site and search the AirPort forum for WDS or repeater or bridge.
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    First, take down the MAC addresses of the airport express and airport extreme.

    Using Airport Utility, put the airport extreme in Participate in a WDS network. This is under the Wireless tab.

    Under the WDS tab, put the WDS mode as WDS main. Put the MAC address of the airport express in the WDS remotes section.

    Update the device.

    Now go into the airport express in Airport Utility. Under the Wireless tab put the Wireless Mode as Participate in a WDS network.

    Under the WDS tab, set WDS mode to WDS remote.

    Add the airport extreme MAC address where it says WDS main.

    If you have problems, make sure the MAC addresses were copied and entered properly. In my experience getting the proper MAC addresses is the trickiest part. Being off by 1 character will make the whole process fail.
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    Your Airport Express should be able to do this, and you should not have to create a WDS. You should be able to simply Join a network and then share the ethernet.

    If you old Airport Express (g) can't see the newer (n) one, take a look at what kind of network you have set your (n) to transmit. Is it N only? 5ghz instead of 2.4ghz? Your older (g) won't be able to see or connect to an N 5ghz network.

    I've attached a screenshot of how mine (hooked up to a ps3) is set up.

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    It should be noted that by creating a WDS using mixed base stations (g & n) the entire network will run at g, AND each base station will have it's bandwidth cut in half.
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    My wireless g airport express does not have the allow Ethernet clients checkbox.

    It's possible that the OP might have an AE that works with your method, maybe not.
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    Jan 18, 2011
    Thanks man. This worked perfect!! got it up and running now. Of course everything else is now running on a G network but, whatever, it's still pretty fast. Thanks again!!

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