Need help with AirPort Extreme signal.

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Droidrage729, Feb 5, 2014.

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    Ok so my router issue started when I moved into my new house about 2 weeks ago. I use Verizon's fiber optic service and upgraded my download speeds to 50 down. After everything was set up I noticed devices I used in my previous house were lagging. I NEVER experienced lag on Verizon's network and that's with 3 rokus Apple TV xbox a few iPads iPhones you get the picture. Anyway I read and read and came to the conclusion that the verizon router and airport express I have won't cut it here in this house as the walls are thicker. My router is located on the central or main floor between up and downstairs so aside from being on a table in the corner it's really in the best location. After reading a few threads I purchased a new AirPort Extreme . The AirPort Extreme was easy to set up it's connected via Ethernet to the verizon router. I even put the old express downstairs as a repeater. Now when I'm in the room my router is in I'm getting awesome wifi speed test I have 50 down through verizon and I was pulling almost 60 down. However when I'm in just the next room my speeds are absolutely terrible I mean under 1 for download speeds some 2345 but usually single digits from my iPhone and iPad. Am I just expecting too much performance or are those speeds a problem? If so how can I improve it I already have an airport express up and downstairs to repeat the signal. Thanks in advanced.
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    Lol tell me about it I had just the vz router and the express UPSTAIRS at the last house and got flawless performance.
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    [​IMG] I'm literally standing next to one of the repeaters!?
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    Are your repeaters hard wired (extending via ethernet) or wireless? If the latter - and you bought the new tower extreme - I'd remove all repeaters and reboot the tower and test again from that spot.

    Ideally, you'd want to have the express hard wired then you would have no issue.

    The slow speed you got there may be your client still holding onto the tower extreme for its connection vs the repeater since clients do not always hand off quickly.
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    They are wireless not wired at the moment. How would I go about making them a wired connection I don't have any other routers and the one I have the AirPort Extreme is running off of? I never had wifi issues so excuse my lack of knowledge in the department it's always been plug and play with a great connection up until now.
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    Using repeaters to extend a wireless network is slow since the you are using double (or worse) the wireless bandwidth to bounce your data around, meaning there is effectively half as much available to you.

    If you hardwire your access points, each wireless device gets the full bandwidth available from the access point. It also lets you roam seamlessness from access point to access point. Apple has a helpful page:

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    I'm guessing the answer is not possible, but you'd have to get an ethernet cable from your main router (new Extreme) to where you are trying to put that Express. You could also try to buy some powerline networking adapters since I agree with the other poster not favoring wireless repeaters. This is why I suggested removing the express, rebooting your extreme and run a speedtest from that same spot.
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    As others are pointing out, the best way to proceed is to first simplify the problem. By doing this, you will likely understand and quantify the perceived problem with the "lead walls". Remove the Express from the network and just set up the Extreme as a single router.

    Try both 2.4 and 5 GHz frequencies. On 2.4 GHz, try different channels, as you are possibly having an interference problem with another signal.

    After you have characterized the reception in different areas of the house with only the Extreme in the network, report your findings and it is likely that forum members can offer some useful suggestions.
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    Thanks I'm going to give these suggestions a try and report back. I just naively assumed more routers meant better reception.

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