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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Ed4132, Apr 2, 2010.

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    I install aTV flash and I download Cyberduck and I have connection with my Apple TV, On the FTP windows I ad a folder and I upload the files I want to have in the Apple TV, now the problem:

    I don't found this files when I go to the ATV screen what I am doing wrong ??????

    I Google everywhere and I can't found how I resolve this, is there any help for Dummies

    I appreciate any help on this matter


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    Jun 12, 2006
    When you say you can't find the folders do you mean that when you turn on your AppleTV and go to movies you don't see the movies you just loaded using Cyberduck?

    When you load movies from your computer to your AppleTV, you need to put the movies in the "Movies" folder in Cyberduck. If it is a .avi or some other type you again upload the movie to the movie folder. I found that if I want to put a VIDEO_TS folder, I still put the VIDEO_TS in the Movie folder, but I create the folder. ie; Create folder "Batman." Open folder and create a folder named "VIDEO_TS." Then I drag my files into the "VIDEO_TS" folder. When I want to play these movies I won't find them in the "My Movies" section on the AppleTV, I toggle over to the right to "Safire" or the "Files" section and the movies will be there.

    If it is a .MP4 movie then you can use iTunes to import the movie then sync your AppleTV. Now when you turn on the ATV, the movie will be under the My Movie section on the ATV.

    Hope this helps.....

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