Need Help with Bootcamp


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Oct 21, 2010
South Elgin, IL
I was under bootcamp with windows 7 and downloaded Windows 8 Preview and burned to a disk. I then made a partition on the hard drive to install it on and then decided that it would be better to use bootcamp under mac so i attempted to restart in mac. Windows then crashed with a quick flash of a blue screen and the computer restarted but not into mac but back into windows. Now windows would not start (same problem) and the repair agent could not fix the issue. Under the boot loader built into the system only windows 7 and the windows 8 disk would show up, no OSX. I then formatted the windows 7 boot camp partition because the new one would not accept windows 8 and installed windows 8. Now i can not figure out how to get back to OSX and i really do not wish to loose all of my files. Can anyone help? And how would i get boot camp onto windows 8?

Thank you.


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May 15, 2010
Try force restarting your mac by holding down the power button, then as soon as you hear the laptop starting up hold down the "option" key on the keyboard. From there you should see a boot window from where you can select mac OSX.
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