Need help with configuring with current drive scheme...Thanks!

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by albert1028, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. albert1028 macrumors 6502

    Jun 29, 2007
    Hey All,

    I've read many threads on how to configure drives but since my budget is low right now, I have to make the best with what I have.

    Here is my setup currently:

    Tray1: OEM 1TB WD Black (Raid0 with Tray 2 as 2TB)
    Tray2: 1TB WD Black (Raid0 with Tray 1 as 2TB)
    Tray3: 1TB WD Green (Scratch)
    Tray 4: None
    External: 2TB Hitachi 7K2000 as Time Machine (But have yet to set this up)

    Additional HDDs used as manual backups (but can change them if I can come up with a better and efficient backup scheme):

    Backup1: 1.5TB Seagate
    Backup2: 320GB WD HDD (From old 2007 iMac)

    I read that it may be better to partition tray 1 and 2 to multiple partitions and have the primary partition be the boot and other as data such as content like photos, music...Also I'd like to have at least one HDD as a monthly manual bootable backup to stick in the safe deposit box.

    This computer will be used for both my wife's home graphics designs/wedding business as well as for personal use.

    Anyone give me additional help. Since I just received this computer a week ago, I have yet to fully set it up.

    I would appreciate all the help of you folks. Thank you in advance!
  2. Honumaui macrumors 6502a

    Apr 18, 2008
    OK few thoughts here ;)

    scratch discs should be on the fastest HDD you can ?

    also your work and your boot should not be on the same drive :) that includes partitions separating the info ?
    my analogy is a file cabinet if you had to put away info and kept having to open the bottom drawer and close the top then repeat or just have one drawer open which is going to be quicker ?

    the 2 drawer is having partition on the same disc accesses at the same time !!

    so scratch for PS is great to have but unless you are running into it ? that depends
    how much memory do you have ? what mac is it ?
    how big are your files you are working on ?
    check the efficiency of PS in use search efficiency with my name I outlined it a couple times :)
    and if your efficiency drops below %100 then check the scratch if the left number is bigger than the right number get more memory :)

    so that being said

    1) wd black boot 2 partitions outer about 200 gigs but never go over half full for your boot !!!! use the extra space just for archive kinda stuff or 3rd layer of important data to BU :)

    2) wd black data and scratch just point PS to this drive no partitions never fill your working drive over %60 ! if this is not enough room then get a 2TB black for data and we can do a new setup :) but for now lets work with what you listed

    3) partition into two pieces 200 gigs and 800 gigs use the 200 to make a clone of your boot ! and the extra 800 for data !

    external as your TM :) thats good

    1.5 TB ? what kind of connection is this ? Iuse this to BU your stuff offsite offline
    partition into two
    1) 200 gigs clone of boot
    2) 1.3 TB rest for your data ! then bring this off site and store it ! bring it back once a week and update ! this will help if you have a fire or theft etc..
  3. albert1028 thread starter macrumors 6502

    Jun 29, 2007
    MP Specs:
    - 16gb Ram
    - 3.33 Hex

    Thanks for the help Honumaui!
  4. Honumaui macrumors 6502a

    Apr 18, 2008
    the only reason you would want to partition the boot is to just have a nice small boot space on a large disc and keep it to the outside for the speed :)

    you can use the extra space for backup ! basically anything you do is better if you are not trying to do two things at once with a disc !

    the one exception is scratch for PS is pretty good at working on the same disc as files ! its not as good as dedicated but at the same time if I had a drive with my data on it and its 7200 vs a dedicated scratch at 5400 RPM the 7200 sharing files will almost always be quicker ! I have tested this theory ? so this is my testing my setup I found it better :) now that said I do use 2 SSD in raid 0 for my scratch cause I want every inch I can get for performance :)

    but if I had the choice like yours I would take the 7200

    not sure how your hitachi is hooked up ? if its FW then it wont be a good scratch :) if its eSATA ? then it might be a good scratch

    not sure what your memory is ? 4 sticks of 4 ? or 2 sticks of 8 ?
    my files get up around 300 megs mostly doing touch up and I sit at about 18 megs used so I have 24 in my machine and the fast scratch of SSD

    for the size of files you are working with ? I might say think about getting a dedicated scratch ? or up your ram ? but again that checking efficiency and scratch will really help you know if you need to do anything and what you need to do ?
    remember that efficiency is for the last action you do or last step you do so if a action has 7 steps its not the complete action but each one so keep a eye on it as you go along ;)

    the scratch is basically left side number what the file is using the right side number is what the machine has left to use ! the efficiency is just that how efficient things are :)

    on my large complex actions I have a purge built into them so I can clear out and keep the machine quicker

    so my action step would be make a snapshot call it say
    Pre BW conversion then do a purge this way you can click that snapshot and be back where you were if you do not like it :) and you dont need to save all those complex steps in memory and scratch space etc.. ;) hope that makes sense :) but its a good tip when working with big files

    also save in uncompressed tiff !

    you might want to get a 2TB drive like a WD black use for data in bay 2
    then in bay 4 use one of your 1 TB drives and partition the outer say 200 gigs for scratch and use that for PS ? for those large files it will help

    the idea of using that 1.5 is still a good idea for security of off site if you can :)

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