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    Jul 6, 2016
    I booted my 2007 imac onto Diskwarrior 5s thumb drive today and was able to run a scan to rebuild the directory. My imac had been unable to boot for a couple of days now and i was trying to rule out any issues with the startup directiry after multiple failed Disk Utility attempts to recognize the volume and/or correct the problem. Once the Diskwarrior scan was complete, a report popped up where you can preview the changes, then click either "cancel" to abort or "replace" to apply the new directory. Unfortunately the "replace" button is grayed out and i don't know how to get it to display so that i can click on it to approve the new directory. Any suggestions?
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    This is what the report looks like, except the "REPLACE" button on the lower right is shaded out.

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    I will call them first thing in the morning. Oddly enough my second imac is now having the same exact issue. I had connected both imacs last night in target mode to try and do a disk repair from the working one. But today that one is out if commision as well. Could this be a virus?
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    It's not a virus. It's likely that there's something else going on; Alsoft support will get you sorted out. Please post back here once you've talked to them to see what they say.
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    It doesn't look like he's been back.

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