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Mar 6, 2006
Cape Town
Hi There,
I upgraded to Mountain Lion a week ago and I moved all my calendars onto iCloud. All was going great until today I received my first event invitation (.ics) from Google Calendar.

The problem is when I click the invite.ics file it pops up in iCal with an event from way back in 2011. An event someone else invite me to (also through Google Calendar).

I have opened the .ics file in Textmate and the date stamp is correct, it just seems that iCal is linking through to a phantom event in the past for some or other reason.

I have attached 3 screengrabs. One of the email in Apple Mail 6.0, the other is the screengrab of the event in iCal 6.0, and the other is the screengrab of the invite.ics attachment.




I have checked my Apple account and I only have 1 email address associated with iCloud.

Your help would be appreciated.


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Sep 6, 2012
ical invites to wrong date

I have the identical problem. Any one with a solution?


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Mar 18, 2012
Me Too

I have the same problem.
My workaround is to accept the invite on my iphone and it enters into my icloud ical correctly but I would like to know how to fix it in mail on my mac


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Mar 1, 2013
Anyone found a proper fix for this?

Hey guys,

So I have this exact same problem. Restored a Lion based time machine backup to a new Retina Macbook pro running Mountain Lion, and now any calendar invites seem to relate to past gone and unrelated phantom events from 2011. Any ideas how to fix this?

Thanks a lot,



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Jul 15, 2009
phantom events when trying to load new events

One of our Mountain Lion based MacBooks is having the same issue in the office. We double click the .ics file and the iCal jumps back to an old event completely unrelated to the current invite. Has anyone found a solution for fixing this?
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