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    hi ,i recently bought a macbook pro 13" (my first mac).i totally love the garageband & I'm interested to use garageband to learn guitar.but i don't know how to connect my guitar to my mac. i have acoustic guitar I'm not sure whether i should buy guitar pickups then connect it to guitar links & then connect it to my mac . so please help me .i appreciate any tips
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    It sounds like your guitar is acoustic only, that means you need to either use it as an acoustic-electric with an audio interface that connects the 1/4" cable to your computer via USB, or use a microphone to pick up sound from your acoustic. Either of these options will have you selecting the guitar's audio source from the "Input" menu in Garageband where you select the inputted audio source for your track.
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    thanks for the info

    can iRig be use with mac book pro? n any suggestion on whats the best audio interface brands?
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