Need help with having Tiger & SL boot partions

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Wie Gehts, Sep 1, 2009.

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    I want to keep my tiger system to boot form and use. I also got SL (bugs aren't a big deal, I have my current system to use). I have a 500gb installed. I already have my tiger system on its partition. I have another all waiting to install SL.
    There is only a couple of applications that I always use that I will install on SL on top of the iLife stuff that comes with SL (I got the Tiger upgrade package). I don't plan on migrating them, but do a fresh install.

    What I'm concerned about is my airport/network and user account.

    If I already have my Tiger system and airport xpress working with a name, encryption and I need to migrate those settings over or can I have a entirely new settings for the SL boot? IOW, does the airport store the settings and wep passwords and all that stuff and can't have a totally new set of settings when I boot off of SL?

    Also, my user account. I'm the only one who uses my computer so I just have the one admin account I set up when I first got the machine.

    So do I need to migrate this over too? Or can I/should I create a totally new account for SL? Or can I create a new account, but keep the exact same name and passwords that I use under Tiger?

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    my word...just because you didn't get a super quick response the forum is useless?

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