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    Nov 26, 2012
    hey guys... im new this site and was recommended to this forum by a friend of mines while we were discussing a problem i came across today. i have a imac running snow leopard and i wanted to load some pics up from a wedding i was apart of this past weekend and notice my iphoto is missing in the dock and i did a search on spotlight and nothing comes up but i have notice that all my pics from the iphoto are in my trash but i cant put them back since i dont have iphoto all of a sudden. is there any way i can recover or find iphoto so i dont lose all my pics. im pretty sure we all know how important photos are. thanks in advance.
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    iPhoto is part of the iLife package that was included with your iMac. You should be able to re-install it from one of the Installation DVDs that came with your iMac. Check the disk with Additional Software - Applications Install DVD - if your iMac came with more than one DVD.

    If you bought a later version of iLife you can either reinstall from the iLife disks if it came in a box with physical media or re-download that version from the App Store if that's how you acquired your copy (log in with your Apple ID to see your previous Purchases).

    Oh and ... it might not be a bad idea to create independent back ups of irreplaceable things like your photos.

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