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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Jurmajesty, Jul 10, 2011.

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    I need somewhat specific advise on finding/buying the best prepaid micro SIM cards in different european countries. I'm going on a business trip to the UK, France, Spain, Italy, and Germany and I need to find out who offers prepaid micro SIM cards and the best price for the voice/data plans.

    I've been having so much trouble because other than english I don't speak any of the other languages so finding information has been really difficult.

    So far what I know is that:

    In the UK, O2 and T-mobile offer prepaid micro SIMs with voice and data (ok no problem).

    Germany has two major providers - Blau, and Simyo who offer micro SIM prepaid plans at about 13-15 euros with voice/data plans.

    The problems are France, Italy, and Spain. Who offers them, what kind of plan are we talking about, and how much is it.

    I know this is kind of a large and broad question but I think the people on this website are really helpful and more resourceful about these kinds of things.

    I'd be really appreciative for whatever help you can provide.

    Thanks in advance.
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    This is a good site to get started with.
    Also try opening the sites in Chrome and have it automatically translate the page.

    For the UK, I would recommend going with Three.
    On Three, you pay £15 for the micro-sim and it includes 300 minutes/3000 texts/Unlimited data.​
    With O2, it's £16.50 for 100 minutes/500 texts/500 MB.​
    With T-Mobile, it's £15 (£5 card + £10 top-up) for 100 minutes or unlimited texts/500 MB.​
    On Orange, it's £25 (£15 card + £10 top-up), but I'm not sure about their plans.​
    I've used both Three and O2 and had nearly full 3G reception with Three no matter where I went, while I had much worse (plus EDGE/GPRS) coverage with O2.

    For France, there's Orange, SFR, and Bouygues.
    Orange: (the wiki has quite a bit about Orange) Here is the page for their prices.
    For data, they have 1 month unlimited for 9€, 1 week unlimited for 7€, weekend unlimited for 5€, and daily unlimited for 3€.​
    For voice, they have unlimited daytime (7:00 am - 5:00 pm) for 3€, unlimited nighttime (9:00 pm - Midnight) for 3€, or weekend unlimited for 10€.​
    SFR: For 25€, you get 60 minutes/Unlimited texts/200 MB. (You can get 250 MB extra for 5€)
    Bouygues: I couldn't get around their site

    For Italy, I found Tre (3), TIM, and Vodafone
    With the Super Internet plan, you pay 5€ and get 3 GB per month (actually 100 MB/day).​
    They also have the Naviga 3 plan where you either pay 9€ for 50 MB/day for 30 days or 3€ for 100 MB/day for a week.​
    For voice, I found this. I don't think that you get all of those things for 5€/month, but you could just get the 10 hours/day plan.​
    I found this which gives you data for a week; according to the PAYG wiki, it's 250 MB.​
    If you're under 30, you could try this where you get 1 GB data and 1000 texts for 6€.​
    For voice, I found two plans. The first is 7€/week for 120 minutes and the second is 4€/week for 60 minutes.​
    The first option I found was this, which gives 100 minutes/100 texts/250 MB for 19€.​
    On this page, they have 250 MB/week for 3€ or 1 GB/month for 10€.​
    They also have this where you get 2 GB/week for 8€ and you can use VOIP.​
    For individual voice plans, they have the Tutti 100 which is 9€/month for 100 minutes and they have the Tutti 250 which is 19€/month for 250 minutes.​

    For Spain, I found Movistar, Vodafone, and Orange.
    On this page, under "Tarifas de internet", they have unlimited data but with different throttling rates. For 15€/month you get 200 MB before throttling, for 25€/month you get 1 GB before throttling, and for 39€/month you get 5 GB before throttling.​
    On this page, they have 500 minutes for 9€/month.​
    This is all I could find for voice, but none of them looked very good.​
    Orange: These are the rates they have
    The Dolphin 20 gives you 300 minutes and unlimited data for 20€, but it throttles after 100 MB.​
    The Dolphin 32 gives you 700 minutes and unlimited data for 32€, but it throttles after 300 MB.​
    The Dolphin 40 gives you 500 minutes and unlimited data for 40€, but it throttles after 500 MB. This plan also mentions something about 24 hours without limits, but I don't get what it means.​


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