need help with issues with a wireless n (b/g compatible) network

Discussion in 'macOS' started by nick_harambee, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. nick_harambee macrumors regular

    May 20, 2005

    i am trying to set up a wireless-n (b/g compatible) wireless network, because even though all my Macs/Apple TV are wireless-n enabled, i want to be able to access the local network on my iPhone, so need to use the b/g compatible mode. the wireless network has been set up on an airport express connected via ethernet to a netgear router. i have another airport express and a time capsule around the house to extend the network (as wireless signals seem to reach much less distance in my current home than i usually experience).

    the problems i am experiencing are intermittent slow wireless speeds, which i am presuming is to do with interference from other devices. so i am getting a lot of 'rebuffering stream' messages when connecting to shared iTunes libraries (ports TCP 3689 and UDO 5353 are open), and apple TV keeps dropping/freezing when watching films.

    i tried copying a 200MB file from one Mac to another connected to the b/g compatible network and on my first attempt it seemed like the transfer was going to take over an hour, so very very slow. then i tried the same file on a wireless-n only (5GHz) network and it took less than a minute. I then tried out a wireless-n only (2.4GHz) network, but both the second airport express and the time capsule couldn't connect to the network to extend it, and kept flashing orange. Finally I tried a b/g compatible network again and this time it looked like the transfer would take a few minutes (so much quicker than before), but like I've said the problem is intermittent.

    so i am wondering what i can do to get the b/g compatible mode working better. i have tried using different channels and still i experience the same problems. i used this equipement in another house in b/g compatible mode without any difficulties

    i would be grateful for some help in troubleshooting this issue. i have reset all airport devices and the router to factory settings and still i have the same issue.


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    Extending Wireless

    Is the netgear a wireless router as well, or just a cable/dsl router and the first AirPort Expess is the primary wireless?
  3. nick_harambee thread starter macrumors regular

    May 20, 2005
    the netgear is a wireless router, but i have disabled the wireless on it

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