iPod need help with latest ipod mini + itunes on windows XP


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Jan 27, 2005
My ipod mini 4gig works flawlesly on my Mac Os X but Itunes 4.9 on my laptop does not recognize the IPod has connected. Windows XP does see the Ipod. It has been mounted has a amovible drive. Can anyone help me.


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Jun 27, 2005
Your iPod is probably configured to your Mac, not your PC. You can't have an iPod that works for both the Mac and the PC. I'm assuming your laptop has Windows. So, simply put, you can't use XP with your iPod. Use this support article.

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Apr 3, 2004
Adelaide, Australia
If you get a PC to format your iPod, it will work with both PCs and Macs. If you get a Mac to format it, only the Mac will recognise it.

If you don't mind losing everything on your iPod temporarily (assuming it's all backed up) then plug the iPod into the PC, run the iPod software updater software and restore the firmware. :)


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Jul 10, 2005
Changing computers

I have a desktop dell computer and am getting an new laptop and wanted to know how to convert all my music on itunes from the desktop to the laptop? i have a 20GB ipod and am afraid that all my music will be wiped. can someone please help me on how to transfer everything?