Need help with making an own winterboard theme

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    Jul 19, 2011
    I am using (and have used) a lot of Winterboard themes..
    So I wanted to make one by myself..

    I have seen many sites witch helped me a lot and I'm not stupid myself ( I think :rolleyes: )

    Anyway I have 2 things I can't figure out..
    Hope you guys can..

    problem: how to change the icon of a webclip ( icon that appear when you click "add to homescreen" in safari ).
    (shortcut to a webpage (not my own))

    This problem is partly solved.
    I have found where these "webclips" hide on the iPhone:
    The problem is when the image of a webclip is transparent (like i made it) it gives a black background.. (I want it to be transparent ofcourse)
    see image if you don't know what I mean..


    Only thing is the webclip is changed the "hard way" so if the theme changes, the webclip stays the same...
    would be nice if this can be fixed too..

    problem: how to change the icon of an app with a special character in it's name (ex. "Office² Plus" or "Pathé")
    Ofcourse this icons need to be changed in the winterboard theme and not the app icon itself like explained above..

    again an image to see the problem.


    I hope you guys can help me (and maybe more) out so the theme will be 100% complete..
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    Jul 19, 2011

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