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    Sep 1, 2009
    Hello Everyone.

    I have the Iphone 2g, and somehow a bead got stuck into the headphone jack and then got pushed right into the bottom which made it not function. Therefore, being the DIY person I am, I ordered a new headphone jack flex cable and the tools required to repair it. My dad is very good at electronic repair so I gave it to him to fix. Everything works perfectly fine except for when the headphones are inserted, only one headphone works. I tried the headphones in another mp3 player and they work perfectly fine, and yes they are the original iphone headphones that came with the iphone. Upon finding this, we took apart the phone again and made sure everything was connected right, and it was all in place. This flex cable is new, from ebay and my dad installed it properlly. What could be the problem????? Im desperate for help as one of the most importiant functions of the Iphone is the IPOD in it and one earphone just sucks.
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    Jan 2, 2009
    the only time ive seen this happen is when the headphones are not pushed all the way in. sometimes that causes only 1 earphone to work. like if it had a case and it wouldnt push all the way in.

    im guessing you either A. bought the wrong type of jack and it was a mono jack like a mic jack instead of headphone or B. its still not correctly installed like you thought it is.

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