Need help with Photoshop CS on Intel Mac Mini ...


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Aug 29, 2006

Hello all from a new member.

I have recently purchased a new Intel Mac Mini with
OS X 10.4.5. I installed Adobe Photoshop CS (1) on it
and, while the software works as it should, the colour
is causing a big problem. Even though the RGB and
CMYK values read zero in the colour picker, the White
is not White, but instead everything looks like a
20% Magenta - this includes the toolbox and the colour
palette as well as any new file opened! And just to further
confuse matters, whenever I print out anything with the
'Magenta', it appears as White! I have re-installed the
software, but to no avail, it doesn't make any difference.
Is it a calibration problem? Can someone PLEASE HELP.
Many thanks in anticipation of your valued assistance.

Best wishes,

John McEvoy.

Psycho Therapis

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Oct 10, 2005
You ask is it a calibration problem - have you actually tried calibrating your display, from within System Preferences? If not, then yes it sounds like it, go there and calibrate.

Blue Velvet

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Jul 4, 2004
It doesn't sound like a calibration problem when the program's UI is coloured as well.

I've seen (and used) CS1 on an Intel iMac running 10.4.6 so it shouldn't throw up this problem just because it's an Intel machine.

Probably the first thing I would do is to upgrade the OS to 10.4.7, anyway. It's worth a shot.


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Aug 29, 2006
Update ...


Hi guys and many thanks indeed for your prompt replies.

Firstly, yes, I did calibrate my monitor and, guess what -
I think I just got it working!

I've been getting this message just before Photoshop
opens properly ...

'The monitor profile 'CY-465' appears to be defective.
Please rerun your monitor calibration software.'

I then have a choice of two buttons - 'Use Anyway'
and 'Ignore Profile' (this button is highlighted). Up
until today I always clicked on the 'Use Anyway' one,
but after your replies, I just hit 'Ignore Profile' and bingo!
... as far as I can see, it works - typical! Don't know why
I didn't try this before, but there you are - better late etc.

Interested in your comments about the message - what
does it mean, will checking the 'Don't show again' box
do anything/fix it for good or is it a problem I should get
looked at?

Yours in grateful appreciation,

John McEvoy.