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    I'm not sure if this question belongs here or in another place, but since it started after the update to Yosemite...My backup method is Time Machine without a Time Capsule, I have a 2 TB external drive. After the install of Yosemite TM started the backup and was doing well until Oct. 31. The drive apparently suffered damage. Disk Utility suggested a Verity Disk which ran for a while and then suggested Repair Disk which ran about 6 hours and made changes to the files. DU then said (see insert)

    So the question is how do I backup the files that I can when I can't get the disk to show up anywhere but DU?.............eugene

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    File system is broken. You can repair it by DiskWarrior if you need rescue data. Otherwise you can do full format in DU.
    If it happens again it may be connectivity issue or hdd itself. Check SMART
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    Well, I went to the Apple Store and the Geniuses Bar. They were able to help and now I'm copy my Sparsebundle across to another drive. I had one that said it didn't complete because I didn't that the authorization, even though it's name just like the others. ???. Any ideas about that?.......eugene

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