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Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by lynkynpark86, Sep 30, 2010.

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    I want to make a website. I have my html files already made, and I know which domain I want and how much it costs, etc. I only have one problem: How can I set up my computer as a server and put the files online under my domain? I can't figure this out anywhere online. I have a 802.11g router and a snow leopard mac mini. Would this work, and if so, how?
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    Setting up your computer as a web server is usually a complicated process - and as far as I know, your computer has to be turned on (with a 24/7 reliable internet connection) whenever people want to access your website, otherwise they will get a "server not responding" error. Also, most of these projects are run by Windows or Linux machines - I'm not sure how this would work on a Mac. You would also need to point your domain name to your computer/router's IP address.

    Here are some basic guides I found, maybe they will be helpful:

    Needless to say, there may be simpler options available ;)
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    Find a free or low-cost host. A server serves different needs than your computer. Unless you have high internet speed and you don't mind having a separate machine hosting your site, then don't bother hosting it yourself.

    I used some home servers in the past and you need some time to maintain them. With your first website, it's just a waste of energy, time, money and all sorts of other resources.
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    Don't let them scare you. It is really easy. Just turn on your personal web sharing, buy the domain, edit the dns record to point to your home IP, configure your router to forward port 80 to the local IP of the machine running the web server.
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    I think the largest reasons not to do this for a professional web site are:

    * Unreliable service -- do you want your web site down for a couple hours here and there? (you have to reset the router, or your ISP is down, or your IP address changes...)

    * Slow -- "uplink" speeds are painful if just 1 person is browsing your site. And if 5 or 6 are browsing, well, it gets a little painful depending on the size of your web files

    * Possibly not allowed by your ISP's Terms of Service

    * Probably a more remote possibility, but still, you are risking someone exploiting a hole in Apache, PHP, etc, and messing with your computer


    ~ Jeremy
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  7. lynkynpark86 thread starter macrumors 6502

    Ok, but how do I do all of those? Buying the domain is easy enough, but what about turning on personal web sharing, editing the dns, and set the router to port 80?

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