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Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by Maverik3, Apr 3, 2012.

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    I just uninstalled springtomize 2 on my iPhone 4s (5.0.1) and all my apps are gone. The only ones I have access to are ifile and safari.

    how to I get my phone to show all the other icons......?

    I can see that the apps are still on the phone cuz I can look at the files in ifile.

    I have no way to get onto cydia and just reinstall springtomize again
    Plz help I don't wanna go to 5.1:mad:
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    Meridian Idaho
    O and just for some extra info when I go to var/mobile/applications it only shows the ones I can see on the springboard.... But if I go to var/stash/applications.uoTzWU I can all the apps I could have access to....


    Yes I rebooted like 4 times and nothing changed and I also plugged it into my comp to see if I could just use an old back up but I couldn't get it to work

    Also I have activator I am kinda being inventive and its kinda a long shot but could I somehow alter the p.list to make it so when I hint the home button 3 times it will open up cydia or something?


    Ok luckily I was able to just click the home button twice and luckily I used cydia recently so I was able to opeit from there... So I reinstalled it and most the apps are back...I'm missing a couple like stocks, compass, voice memos and stuff like that... Any ideas on how to get them back?

    Ok found out what it was... I had poof installed at one point and uninstalled it without changing everything back before uninstalling so I just reinstalled it and changed and whalla! Everything is back
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