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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by golu099, Sep 28, 2013.

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    If I buy Iphone 5s from the store at $199 under the Verizon price and I wanna sell it on eBay then what procedure must I follow so that a) I don't have a contract and pay for the monthly line with Verizon b) when the customer tries to activate the phone it doesn't read as stolen c) what are the steps I must do???? so I can sell this on eBay but buy it at a 199 price PLEASE HELP!!! First time doing this!:apple:
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    What you want is impossible. The only viable solution would be to pay the full price for a Verizon model at the Apple Store for $649.
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    I understand the confusion and temptation, but the $199 price is subsidised by the large cost of the service contract - you have to pay it one way or another. If you have a Verizon contract already, you might be able to sell the phone on, but then you would have to pay full price for any phones you want in the next two years.
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    "First time doing this"? :p

    Are you thinking of doing this multiple times? It amazed me how people come here for advice on how to steal. Heck, this beats working!:eek:


    I do not think the OP is confused:p
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    You are treading on VERY rocky ground here. The only way you could do this is, say you already have an iPhone 5. You are perfectly happy keeping it another 2 years. You can buy a 5S...sell it on eBay (be sure to remove the sim card!) then re-activate your harm no foul. If you cancel your plan you will still have to pay a heavy ETF....but that's standard.

    When you buy a phone at a subsidized rate you are paying for it with the promise to use the service for 2 years. That is how you get a subsidy. You pay off the balance with your service contract. You can't, however, buy a 5S as a new line...then just switch that line to a dumbphone. You will get billed for the remainder of the 5S retail cost. You have to keep the same service you would have had on the 5S.
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    You can't buy it for $199 without a contract.

    If you want to buy it to sell on Ebay then you pay the $199, call verizon to cancel the service, pay the $350 ETF plus whatever service charges you have for the days the line was active. So you'll be laying around $600 for it.

    Otherwise just pay the full $649 for it.
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    Scalper in the works. This thread should be closed.
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    Which is why he's asking :confused:

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