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Discussion in 'iMac' started by DCP123, May 13, 2017.

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    May 13, 2017
    My 2011 macbook pro is not cutting it anymore. I am looking at buying a new 27" i-mac, fairly soon. The main use for this new machine will be for me doing a lot of 4k video editing probably using Final Cut Pro X and already do a lot of raw image photoshop CC/Lightroom editing work. I need feedback from those who have used and or are in the know please. I am trying not to spend the $$$ on the highest imac if possible. Considering what i have listed for use, how much of a difference will an i7 processor make over the i5?. Then how about the performance difference in graphics cards from the R9 M395 vs. the 395x? I would like to start with 16 gb of RAM and a 1 TB SSD drive. I am trying to get a machine that will stay speedy and up to the task of editing lots of 4k video files for a few years. I have been looking at refurbished i-macs from the Apple site, but as of yet have seen the one i want. Please let me know what you think of the processor differences and graphics card differences for my listed above intended use, thanks in advance for the help.
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    My opinion only, but...

    ... I don't think it's worth it to "pay Apple's price" for the 1tb SSD internal drive.
    I'd get a 512gb (or even 256) and add USB3-based external SSD storage as required.
    This will save A LOT of money, while costing relatively little in terms of speed.

    Also, don't buy 16gb of RAM from Apple unless you want to "pay their premium".
    Get 8gb from the factory and add the rest yourself.

    Then again, if you use the iMac for business, you might be able to "write off" the higher costs. But if you can't, I don't think it's worth it to spend it for "the max", particularly since the current design is approaching 2 years old and a redesign should be here by July/August.

    You might also consider an Apple refurbished unit...
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    Nov 5, 2009
    For what it's worth, refreshed iMacs are coming in the fall. If I were you I would purchase more RAM and and SSD and drop them in your current iMac. It will be like a new machine. Do this to hold you over until the newest ones come out.
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    The new models will likely be quite an upgrade, so if you can wait, i would recommend to do so.
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    Worth noting a new iMac is coming this year - probably October-ish. Reasonable to expect slightly better cpu, better gpu, faster ram, higher base SSD storage for your money. The current ones came out late 2015 and are a bit overdue already, great machines but a bit pricy at the moment.

    Right now, for photo/video editing in mind -

    RAM - I think this is the 'most important' upgrade - as guy above said, never upgrade this through apple, get it from amazon or owc, much much much cheaper. I'd consider 32gb if you do much in photoshop, more futureproofed as well.

    GPU - Unless you're doing visual effects and animation, things that require real time rendering - graphics cards aren't as important as you'd think for editing video and photos. Most of this is on the CPU, especially in photoshop. 395 is probably fine.

    CPU - I'd go with i7 over i5 with content creation in mind, not night and day, maybe 15% faster in general, but i7 offers hyperthreading support which helps a lot more for rendering out projects, more efficient

    Storage - tough call, 1TB is really expensive and still somewhat restrictive of space. I'd consider a 512 with a large external for your mass storage - you can work active projects off the internal SSD, and when you're finished dump everything external. If you do everything internal, 1TB probably won't be enough anyways.
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    May 13, 2017
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    Thanks for the replies. I see some good points on how to set up RAM myself, and so on. I have been looking at the refurbished ones too, my main need to get it soon is i am putting together a film doc soon and need a monitor than can cover 4k res. I currently have a Dell ultra sharp 24" monitor, 1920x1200. I know new machines are coming in the fall, so maybe i figure the best option to get me by til then considering the needs i have for 4k video. Any other thoughts?
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    Suggest if you go before the new models are released, look for a refurbished i7 4GHz model, with Flash PCI-E if available, and the 4GB gfx card and install memory yourself. Mine runs beautifully wth 32GB.
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    May 13, 2017

    Ok, so I had decided to keep looking at Apple refurbished till something came up, been actually doing that for a month now. Just about to turn off the computer for the night, and checked Apple real quick. Could not pass it up, so i bought.....27" i-7 4.0ghz, 2x8 16gb ram, 512 flash, and the 395X graphics card. Who knows when another would come along with all the same except 8 gb ram to save some money, so i had to get it. Now all i need is Final Cut Pro X, add another 16gb ram, and an external ssd 1tb portable and good to go for awhile. I tend to deal with B&H photo video, any other suggestions for reliable online dealer selling Apple compatible computer stuff? Ram and ssd drive? Thanks everyone for the help.

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