Need input concerning D80/lense packages

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Al B, Jul 21, 2008.

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    Jul 21, 2008
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    Oct 24, 2007
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    Jul 21, 2008
    If the link does not work, go to Ebay's website and type D80 into their search bar.
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    Here's the corrected link:

    And no, stay away. Those two Nikon lenses are ok (but the 55-200mm isn't even the newer VR version), but those other two "lenses" are no-name pieces of crap that are absolutely pointless to put on a nice DSLR. Don't get sucked in by the eBay auctions just because they come with lots of "stuff". Most of it is usually junk.

    EDIT 1:
    A little more research reveals that this would be a better deal - $1000 for the D80 plus the 18-55 plus the 55-200 VR (from a more trustworthy place than eBay) if you know for sure those are the types of lenses you want. What I think you should do is get the D80 and just one lens -- probably the 18-55mm -- and then after shooting for awhile with it decide what lens you want next. Do you want more zoom? Do you want a faster lens for better low-light performance? Do you want an ultra-fast prime? Will you shoot more indoors or outdoors? What will you be shooting?

    Don't buy more kit than you know what to do with right away; always always always get the bare essentials to get started, and then build on it as you learn what your needs are. That's the whole point of an SLR system, it's adaptable. If you buy one of those massive kits on eBay you'll most likely be wasting your money, because a) most of the stuff it comes with is crap, and b) you won't understand your needs yet.

    EDIT 2:
    Let me break down this auction for you so you understand why it's a bad deal:

    - Nikon 55-200mm non-VR lens -- worth maybe $150 strictly speaking, but not worth anything when you can get the VR version for $30 or $40 more. You want the VR on a lens that slow.
    - Nikon 18-55mm -- fine, worth about $80
    - Generic "Wide angle lens" and "Telephoto lens" -- crap, worth $0 on a DSLR.
    - 2 UV filters -- just guessing these are as cheap as possible, meaning they'll block more light from your already slow-ish lenses. Probably worth $5 each.
    - No-name battery charger -- stay away. Probably can be had for $10 if you really wanted to buy it separately. Stick with OEM; people have had bad experiences with cheap chargers burning out batteries. Not worth it.
    - Cheap no-name tripods -- this could go either way, but dirt-cheap tripods usually aren't worth it. The big one looks comparable to models I've seen go for about $25.
    - Single-slot USB card reader - $5.
    - Lens cleaning kit -- like that, probably $10 or less.
    - Lens cap strap, screen protectors -- a couple bucks each, but you don't really need them anyway.
    - 8GB "high speed" (lie -- that model's not high speed) SD card -- $25 on sale
    - Shoulder strap, USB cable, software -- don't count, these are supposed to come with the camera anyway
    - Bag -- you could get something comparable for $30, or spend some more and get something that's actually *good*
    - Finally, that flash -- it looks like it belongs on a toy camera. Don't ruin your nice DSLR by putting crappy accessories on it. Can probably get that for $20 on eBay.

    So, given that a D80 body is around $700, add all that up and you're not getting any sort of "deal" on this package at all. All you're doing is spending more money for very very cheap accessories that you ultimately will regret. Buy what you need, as you need it -- you'll learn what to look for, what's good, what isn't.

    Why did I spend all this time writing this out? Because I hate seeing people get sucked in by the junky "package" deals on eBay.
  5. ChrisA macrumors G4

    Jan 5, 2006
    Redondo Beach, California
    Buy from a reputable reseller. All those bundles include low quality junk. Buy the camera with just one lens. But you need to decide which one. The 18-55 is not bad and you do NOT need VR on a lens that short and the non-VR version has slightly better contrast. But I like the 18-70mm as 70 seems to be long enough for 95% of what I need. The 18-135 has more than enough "reach" for any normal subject. Any of these are good values

    Later, after you've shot at least a thousand or so frames you will know what your kit lens can't do and you can buy a lens to address that. When ever you buy a lens you should buy it to address a specific problem. But now you don't know if you will want a faster prime lens or a ultra wide lens or a fast f/2.8 tele-zoom. Or maybe you will find you want an SB600 speedlight or a good tripod more than you want a second lens? Wait and see after shooting the first 1,000 frames you will know.

    I followed the eBay link. The two Nikon lenses and the body are OK but everything else in the package is either (1) Included by Nikon with the D80 body in the box or (2) total non-usable crap, for example no one would want those two screw-on tele and wide adapters and the flash is rather pointless
  6. leighonigar macrumors 6502a

    May 5, 2007
    Screw on wide adaptors may have novelty value, particularly if they have weird distortion or the potential for incomplete frame coverage. Beyond that, the other are right. Buy from a reputable place, don't buy a load of junk you don't need and won't use.
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    Jul 21, 2008
    good advice taken

    Thanks guys.

    I will take all of your input into consideration.

    By the way, is Broadway considered to be a a reputable company?
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    Nov 16, 2006
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    Please, type in "broadway resellerratings" for a fun shock.

    In fact, the next time you see a good deal, type the store name into resellerratings. 95% of camera stores with prices below the retail average are total scams.
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    Sep 10, 2006
    Indianapolis, IN
    Yep, stay away from Broadway/Preferred Photo/One Way Photo/Camera Addict and all those other ultra-low-price camera places. One scam company will operate multiple online storefronts. They'll suck you in with low advertised prices, but they'll then delay shipping and try to upsell you on "accessories"; then they'll say you ordered the foreign version of the camera/lens you wanted online, and to get the real U.S. version it will cost you $xxx more; they'll outright lie and do anything they can to get you to pay as much money as possible for their gray market merchandise. They also fraudulently leave positive "reviews" of their stores around the Internet (although ResellerRatings is good at detecting and removing these, don't trust the ones on Google Products). They are evil, evil scam artists.

    Order from B&H Photo, Beach Camera, Adorama, Abe's of Main, NewEgg, J&R, or Amazon, or buy from a local big-box store when they put the camera on sale -- that's what I did, and managed to walk out of Best Buy with my D40 at a price competitive with the best places online.

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