Need iPad solution to with reminders to replace my current database

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    Jan 11, 2007
    For my business, I currently use Microsoft Word to keep up with my sales calls. I have a separate .doc file for each customer, and use Office Notifications to give me a pop-up reminder when I need to follow-up with a customer.

    This system has worked great for years, but as my contact list grows it is becoming increasingly clunky. Spotlight is also having a hard time finding files (I have no idea why), so I have to look manually in Finder.

    I would love to buy an iPad and have a system that syncs with the cloud where I could use either my MacBook, iPhone, or iPad to access, search, and edit these contacts, along with a way to set reminders/notifications to follow up. But I can't find ANY app that does this. Bento, Filemaker, and Salesforce all have HORRIBLE reviews, and don't do what I've outlined.

    Any ideas? I even thought of using Google Docs, but there is no reminder system/tie to Google Calendar.
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    Sounds like what you need is a task management app, like ToDo, Omnifocus, SmartPad, Pocket Informant... There's a ton of them in the app store, with a vast variety of features.

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