Other Need iTunes Alternative for Arranging iPhone Apps on Mac


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Sep 4, 2015
Los Angeles, CA
Hello everyone!

I am trying to find a program with which I can arrange the apps on my iPhone into folders and just move them around using the big screen of my computer (Mac), although I can access Window$ as well, using Parallels.

If anyone can be so kind as to give me any suggestions for what program(s) might be able to do this, I would be most grateful.

I have over 350 apps on my phone and I just want to get them organized in an easier way than using the iPhone interface on the device itself.

Thanks so much for any help you might be able to offer.

Take good care and have a nice day!


P.S. I tried using iTunes, but Apple has removed this feature from iTunes 12.7, so I installed 12.6.3, but the app arranging on this program leaves a lot to be desired. For example, when I try and move an app to a new location, rather than moving the other apps to accommodate it, the program places the app in a Folder by itself! Ugh!


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Aug 14, 2011
I would just start deleting. There’s no way any one uses over 350 apps frequently enough to warrant keeping them all on your phone permanently.
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