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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by ktbubster, Jan 23, 2008.

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    Jan 20, 2007

    I already did a thread on this, but I am purchasing replacement parts and i need to make sure I at least buy a FEW of the correct parts .. or something that might help. I figure I can try a few and return what I don't need or resell.

    Anyway. I took apart my macbook after some case mods. It's a 2.0 C2D white macbook. When I put it back together the display stopped working. The computer works but the display doesn't. When I hit the powerbutton on the laptop the display will flicker very dimly with a white light flicker and then go back to being completely black.

    Possible problems could be with any of the connectors from the LCD to the Logic board or the inverter board etc. Perhaps the display data cable? Which are the most fragile and most likely to break?

    What does this sound like? I know everything is connected correctly, but maybe I twisted or bent or broke a wire or stretched something. What does this sound like? it is able to flicker with a white light, but I dunno if that means anything. The LCD is in good condition clearly, so it must be a connector or board... did this ever happen to anyone who maybe did a repair or they know someone who fixes or takes apart macbooks and might know?

    ANY help is appreciated.

    Even if someone knows a good place to send it or ask for help. How much would just figuring out the problem cost? If I knew what I had to replace I could do it. Or if anyone knows how to test to see what wires might be broken???

    Note: Mods - I posted this in the macbook/macbook pro forum first, but I think it belongs here, feel free to delete the other one. Sorry.
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    I dont know how relevent this is, but you did say ANY help ;)

    Check on (i think) they have guides on how to take apart your laptop (atleast they did for the macbook pro, I replaced my hard drive) and they have some good photo's to accompany their guides. You might be able to pick something up with regards to any connections/cables to/from the laptop display. Hope this helps
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    Feb 13, 2008
    I have replaced a Macbook screen before and am in the process of replacing a MBP screen. It sounds like the video adapter on the back of the LCD is maybe not connected properly or loose. Could also be where the video connects to the logic board. Did you take the LCD screen off when you modded it? If so, I would check the back of the LCD first. It sounds like it is getting power so I wouldn't worry so much with the inverter. Sounds like it comes on but doesnt get any video feed and shortly after turns back off because it thinks it is in sleep mode or something. I am no expert by any means but that would be the first thing I would check.

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