Need More Activity Types


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Apr 24, 2015
That's one place where the Workout app is severely lacking. I went on a hike yesterday but had to select "Outdoor Walk". The Workout app said I burned 280-ish calories while MapMyRun, recording a Hike workout, said I burned about 900 calories, which is probably much closer to accurate for an off-road, two-hour hike.

I just don't understand why they have Rower, Elliptical and Stair Stepper but not something as simple as Hike.


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Sep 12, 2008
I haven't received my watch yet, but I'm worried about this too. My most frequent activities are running, walking, roller skating, and hiking, and I was seriously doubting that they'd have support for the latter two.


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Apr 10, 2015
London, UK
Same problem here. I went to a cardio circuits class at my gym, set my watch to indoor run because there wasn't a decent alternative. The problem was that for specific exercises like running I guess it uses the accelerometer to gauge what you're doing because at the end of a hard workout the watch hadn't registered anywhere near as many calories burned as it should have done.

This is a real problem for me when I'm with my personal trainer or doing classes with a lot of random movements. Spin and treadmill no problem.....anything else, forget it!

If only there was the ability to add custom workouts to the watch. Obviously the accelerometer would be useless, but it would be far more accurate if it could be based on your heart rate and whatever approximate calorie burn per hour you entered.


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Jun 9, 2015
There should be a setting where it monitors your HR constantly regardless of movement. With us fully aware that that particular setting will drain the battery faster.
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