Need old backup help, phone contacts lost

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    Jan 16, 2011
    Yesterday for a minute ALL my contacts were gone, then most of them came back. I figured the google was jacked up (I sync contacts with exchange server). But i eventually realized that my actual iphone contacts were gone. Id like to know why this happened of course but more importantly i need my contacts back! So, like a jackass i synced it with itunes hoping it would fix it, which overwrote my old backup. Im on a PC so i dont have Time Machine or whatever and now its only letting me backup my phone from last nights backup. I found the mobilesync backup folder on my PC, and i see data files with yesterdays backup, but i also see a group of files from previous backups... so i know there is old stuff in there.

    Is there a way to force this old backup? Or some way to fix this? Please help. Thanks so much
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    Apple did away with incremental backups, so you don't have an older backup.
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    All the contacts are saved in the Address Book application on a Mac computer. Are you running on mac? If you are, it would have asked you if you were sure you wanted to make the changes. When i don't backup for a long time, it says something like, 25% of your contact are about to change, are you sure you want to make the changes?

    Did it not ask you this? If not, check your address book and see if they are still in there....

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