Need or Want an iPod for working out

Discussion in 'iPod' started by ospreyfe55, Feb 21, 2014.

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    Feb 21, 2014
    Hello this is my first post to the forums but have been on this site a few times. I have had every iPhone except the 5 series and currently own 2 iPads, 1st Gen iPod mini, MBP and iMac and my daughter's iPod touch 4gen. But I am in the market for an iPod for the gym and I am either looking to purchase a new iPod nano 7 gen or take my daughter's 4 gen 8gb touch. My biggest issue is I need to have the capability to use my Jaybird Bluebird bluetooth headphones. I know that the iPod touch 4 is a little outdated and there are no longer software updates, but I just don't know if its worth $140 for a new iPod nano as I am only using it for music. Also I am not sure what technology the BT is on the Touch, will it even work or what the sound quality will be with my headphones? I just wanted to see what some of your opinions/facts are on the subject. Maybe someone just went through this same issue. Thanks in advance for your inputs.
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    Why don't you try the headphones (since you have them) on your faughters iPod touch and see how you like the sound. And just for music, it shouldn't matter that the iPod touch isn't getting iOS updates anymore.

    As for getting a nano, they are $99+tax for a refurbished unit.

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