Need PHP Help - Passing a : From Flash


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Aug 23, 2003
Fort Myers, FL
Hoping someone can help :eek: I've got a Flash form that passes data to a PHP script. Everything works fine except the field for Desired Time when a : is used ie. 12:00. The form is here. The only field required is E-Mail if you want to try it out. The code in the .FLA is here

I'm getting the Error while connecting message when the field for Desired Time has a : in it. Any assistance would be appreciated. BTW, I'm doing this on my Power Mac G5 so hopefully I'm okay to post this here :D

[EDIT] I removed the code for Desired Time so that the form works for now, at least it won't fail if you input a : colon - just won't return any results for that field...
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